About Us

Impact Watch Network (IWN) is a platform that focuses on using real-time information sharing to bridge the connectivity of the SDG goals with projects, initiatives, and people (PiP) that bring all stakeholders together to take deliberate action for sustainable living. 

From daily news, reports, and guides to facilitated networking sessions, roundtables, and live thought-leadership discussions in the third sector.

We aim to ensure that future-fit businesses continue to key into the sustainable development goals. 

The website delivers daily news, exclusive interviews, industry reports, and sustainable business guides, videos, webinars, and podcasts.


To be a foremost African platform that shares information and resources that drive development in communities.


To build an information-sharing network in the third sector that impels sustainable development through collaborative efforts.

Our Core Values

We are glad to add our SPICE to sustainable development in our local communities.

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Our Purpose

Impact Possible* is an IWN solution-driven campaign that inspires all stakeholders in the third sector from all major sectors; business, government, INGO, NGOs, SMEs, Start-Ups, and civil societies to continue to make efforts at improving areas of sustainable development through collaborative efforts.